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New Online Program Launched to Help Patients Self-Manage their Chronic Conditions

Author: Jacqueline Rivier

Adults across Ontario living with chronic conditions can now participate in a free online workshop available to individuals with any type of chronic condition. The Online Chronic Disease Self-Management Program is an evidence-based program developed at Stanford University that helps people who have ongoing health problems learn how to take control of their health. It is a six-week interactive workshop that takes place entirely online.

Considered a best practice program in self-management of chronic diseases, the Stanford self-management programs empower individuals living with chronic conditions to build skills and confidence to help them cope with their disease and live a healthier life. Research has shown these programs lead to improved health status and self-efficacy of participants, as well as fewer days spent in the hospital (Lorig et al., 1999, 2006; Brady et al., 2013).

Your patient will learn how to take small steps towards positive changes including how to manage medications, eat better, accomplish goals, start an exercise program, manage stress, and communicate more effectively with family, physicians, and friends.

Visit for more information about this new online program, or contact Jacqueline Rivier at or 613-562-6262 X 1648.


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