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Champlain CCAC Nursing Clinics Increasing Access to Care

A nurse stands in a nursing clinic roomThe Champlain CCAC is increasing access to care by streaming ambulatory patients to specialized nursing clinics located across the Champlain region. These clinics are operated in partnership with CCAC designated service provider partners.

Nursing clinics provide a broad range of services to people who require nursing treatment, such as: wound care, intravenous infusions, ostomy care, catheter care, and more.

These clinics are available only to Champlain CCAC patients by appointment and are staffed by skilled nurses – there is no physician onsite. As such, they are not the same as a walk-in medical clinic.

There are currently 20 Champlain CCAC nursing clinics operating throughout the region: 10 in Ottawa, 4 in Eastern Counties, 5 in Renfrew County, and 1 in North Lanark/North Grenville. Planning is underway to open two more nursing clinics in 2015.

Nursing Clinic Benefits

Nursing clinics are a convenient and effective option for patients who are mobile. Patients that receive care at nursing clinics benefit from:

  • A scheduled appointment—no waiting at home or in the ER
  • Flexibility—clinics are open 7 days/week and offer a variety of appointment times
  • Care that is provided by teams of highly qualified nurses

Nursing clinics ensure that health services can be provided to as many people as possible in the community while freeing up more nurse time for homebound individuals.

As of April 2015 over 25% of all Champlain CCAC nursing visits were delivered in a clinic setting, representing an 43.3% increase from the same period in 2014.

Referring Patients to a Nursing Clinic

Nursing clinic services are arranged by each patient’s Champlain CCAC Care Coordinator as part of that person’s care plan. Referrals to the Champlain CCAC can be done by anyone—the patient, a caregiver or a health care professional.

Visit the Champlain CCAC Physician’s webpage for more information about making a referral.
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