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To Call or Not to Call? CCAC Support for Primary Care

Over the past year, the Champlain CCAC has been exploring new opportunities for improving communication with primary care practices. For example, we recently launched a Physician Priority Phone Line to assist physicians and their office staff more quickly. You can now call 613-310-2222 and press ‘2’ to receive priority service from an Information and Referral Specialist.

A physician and a Care Coordinator reading a patient fileCare Coordinators at the Champlain CCAC are also amazing resources for primary care practitioners. Let me illustrate this with a story. Jennifer, one of our Care Coordinators, received a phone call from a physician looking for assistance regarding a patient of hers. The patient fell seriously ill while on vacation overseas. While in hospital, she was diagnosed with metastatic cancer and given a very poor prognosis.

Her daughter, in Ottawa, was very anxious to have mom return home as soon as possible to be with family. She was relying on her family physician for support and guidance.

The physician contacted Jennifer to find out about care options for her patient once she got back to Ottawa. Within the hour, the physician had received information about potential CCAC services, palliative care and transportation options from the airport. The physician expressed gratitude for the prompt assistance, stating that she felt better prepared to support her patient and family in returning to Canada.

The moral of the story – call us! We are here to support primary care and to help you navigate the system more efficiently for patients in the Champlain region.

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