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Champlain System Navigator for ABI

The Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) System Navigator provides a single point of entry for patients and health care teams to access ABI services across the Champlain region.

An acquired brain injury is damage to the brain, which occurs after birth, as a result of a traumatic or non-traumatic event, and is not related to a congenital or degenerative disease. ABI can result in temporary, prolonged or permanent impairments in cognitive, behavioural or physical functions.

As a person with an ABI moves through the recovery process, their health care team will contact the ABI System Navigator who then coordinates referrals with the Champlain ABI Coalition.

The ABI System Navigator identifies opportunities for collaboration among ABI and non-ABI service providers including mental health, addictions, developmentally delayed, geriatrics, corrections, and housing.

How to Request Service

Champlain ABI Coalition logoRequests for assistance can be made by the individual themselves, loved ones, or healthcare professionals. To request service, please complete the Champlain ABI Application for Service form and return it as per the instructions on the form.

With the patient’s consent, the information will be shared with the Champlain ABI Coalition Admissions Committee, which reviews the application and matches the person’s needs with the availability of services. Applicants approved for service are notified by the appropriate agency.

Additional ABI Resources

Champlain CCAC logoAn ABI database is now available on This database is designed to provide information about educational opportunities and services available to people living with an ABI.

An ABI Primary Health Care Resource Guide is also available to be used as a quick reference tool for ABI support services available in the Champlain region (e.g. day programs, transportation, continuing education, support groups, recreational opportunities).

If you have any questions about services and resources available for those living with the effects of an acquired brain injury, please contact:

Suzanne McKenna, Champlain ABI System Navigator
Champlain Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)
Tel: 613-745-5525 ext. 5963
Fax: 613-745-0649

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